About Sarah Higgins

Sarah Higgins will maximise your performance and profit with bespoke 121 Corporate/Executive Coaching and Leadership Team development.


Education, Qualifications & Professional

What Sarah's clients say about Power of Love Leadership®:
"Power of Love Leadership® has proven immensely valuable to myself and my team" Eileen Perry, MBE: CEO ER Recruitment

"Power of Love Leadership® is a great model for identifying fear based behaviours, which can have an adverse effect on our business." Leanne Bonner Cooke, MBE: CEO Ebate

"Power of Love Leadership® helps us to be the leaders we aspire to be. It is values led and enables us to create a culture that our people will love and thrive in" Colin Fyfe, CEO Hinckley and Rugby Building Society

My Values



My goal is to help you be as successful as you want to be and I will support you in getting the results you want.



If you want things to be better or different – I will challenge you to make decisions to achieve that change.



You may not like the ‘mirror’ that I hold up to you, but you will value my honesty because I am helping you achieve results that work for you.



In a confidential setting, I will assist you to have realisations that in order to maximise your business or your team’s performance – it starts with you.



If you lead in a way that enables your staff to be completely engaged and motivated with what they are doing, they will go the extra mile for you and your customers.