“Sarah’s coaching has been very valuable to me and in conjunction with the Power of Love Leadership model, I am more confident in my role as a result, knowing that there’s no such thing as failure, it’s just another result. This has given me the confidence to suggest new ideas without fear of worry or frustration if the initiative does not proceed.”

Carolyn Thornley Yates

Hospitality Industry Consultant

“I found the Power of Love Leadership Model extremely useful in overcoming challenges in the workplace. By understanding the route of the issue through the 7 love strategies of this model, overtime I was able to make the right choices which have had a positive impact for me.”

Aarti Raj


Pick Everard

“Sarah’s ‘Power of Love Leadership’ really resonates with me, and the 7 love strategies really help me in my day to day role. For example, the ‘enthusiasm’ strategy has changed the way I react to stressful work situations. Because I respond to frustrating circumstances or comments with positivity, I get positivity back, which means I enjoy these challenges moments instead of resenting them.”

Natalie Clemson


Pick Everard

“Throughout my coaching journey we have been using Sarah’s Power of Love leadership model for each situation we have discussed.  I have found this very useful in terms of evaluating my approach or thoughts on each matter and also those of others I am working with and now use this model on a daily basis.”

Rachel Cheetham:

Director, Contaminated Land

BWB Consulting

“This is by far the most well rounded and complete leadership strategy I have come across. I have absolutely loved learning about Power of Love Leadership with Sarah. The premise and model are so easy to understand and so immediately relatable to the work environment. Every element of the model provided instant insight into the motivations and drivers of others (and myself) and unlocked simple strategies for handling tricky situations and becoming a better leader providing high quality effective support and development to my team. Since learning about Power of Love Leadership I have adopted it as my number one strategy across all my relationships both in work and at home, I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Cassie Davison

Head of Business Development

Hinckley and Rugby Building Society

“Understanding and working with the Power of Love Leadership Model has been a thought provoking and reflective tool that has given me a new understanding of how to lead. The model bases itself on understanding and self-awareness which then provides a variety of strategies and approaches to challenges that we all experience in work and life. Using the model to spend time being compassionate with yourself to then be compassionate with others with greater depth and understanding has been invaluable to me and made a real difference to my organisation.”

Phillippa Chapman

Director of Services

Encephalitis Society

“Our brains are hard-wired for fight or flight and sometimes our reactions to the people who look to us for leadership are less than they, and we, deserve. They are exactly that – reactions – and not considered responses based on some simple values: kindness, compassion, forgiveness. Most of us are good people, and we all aspire to these things. However sometimes the pressures of work, family life, carer-burden and a myriad of other things means we default to fight or flight in our responses. And do you know what’s worse? We usually don’t get the best outcome or the one we hoped for. The Power of Love Leadership is your opportunity to press the re-set button. I did and I’m a better person for it. Go on…as the saying goes…if you can be anything in the world, be kinder. Its free, and you’ll be a happier person, I promise.”

Dr Ava Easton

Chief Executive

Encephalitis Society

“I recently attended a seminar run by Sarah Higgins during which she explained her Power of Love Leadership model. I had attended a number of zoom seminars about leadership during the pandemic all of which were great, but Sarah’s model literally blew me away. To learn to be an authentic leader who feels able to express at times their own doubts and difficulties to their team, to focus on the support and care you wish to give to your team members and their empowerment, rather than the fear you have that if you develop them, the competitors will take them away from you, and to realise that leadership can be a joyful pursuit rather than simply an onerous burden, was exactly what I needed at that point to move forwards through the pandemic into a different, thoughtful and loving style of leadership. Thank you, Sarah, for your inspiration and insight!

Glynis Wright

Managing Director

Glynis Wright & Co Family Solicitors and Mediators

“I had for a number of years been reliant on my instinct as a Leader to guide my decisions and conversations. In my personal Leadership journey, I had undertaken a broad range of Leadership Development and taken qualifications in Leadership, but I had never felt fulfilled in my search for a personal approach and Leadership style. That completely changed when I was introduced to the Power of Love Leadership through my coaching experience with Sarah Higgins. At last I have found a Leadership approach that blends perfectly with my own personal principles and enables me to achieve great results whilst also being true to my own convictions. Thank you, Sarah, for introducing me to the Power of Love Leadership and helping me to be a more effective and authentic Leader!

Jane McCormack

Operations Manager

Loughborough University

“The concept of approaching decision making from the spectrum of love not fear is hugely powerful. Power of Love Leadership is an inspirational and thought-provoking approach to leadership.”

Mehmooda Duke MBE

Chief Executive Officer

Moosa-Duke Solicitors

“Sarah’s coaching with the Power of Love Leadership Model, was so helpful in dealing with real everyday feelings, emotions and challenges. It was also beneficial in both my personal and professional life.”

Ashiedu Joel

Non-Executive Director

“Power of Love Leadership brings together the leader that we aspire to be in the organisation we want to work for. It is values led and therefore allows us to bring ourselves fully to the workplace and create a culture that our people will love and thrive in.”

Colin Fyfe

Chief Executive Officer

Hinckley and Rugby Building Society

Power of Love of Leadership has enabled me to understand the emotions that go hand in hand with challenging situations and how to let go of these and use more effective strategies. As a result of Sarah’s coaching in this, I have more effective working relationships, I’m a more influential and strategic leader and I am successfully achieving my career goals.

Elizabeth Hardwick Smith

HR Director

Pick Everard

“I have been a CFO and Finance Director in a number of SME type businesses over the last 15 years and have worked with Sarah as she has developed the Power of Love Leadership model. I’m an accountant by profession and an analyst at heart, so understanding my emotional response to situations doesn’t come naturally, but this work has caused me to address various behaviours that were holding me back and making my teams less effective than they could have been. It has also made me re-assess my interactions with difficult, occasionally hostile people. Understanding (without excusing) their behaviour has enabled me to manage my relationships with them in a far more productive manner. The Power of Love Leadership model addresses issues that many leaders find difficult and makes them easier to fix. It will make all leaders better at what they do.”

Andrew Payton

Finance Director

Loughborough Building Society

“Sarah Higgins possesses a vast amount of experience in corporate coaching and over the years has developed effective leadership teams resulting in higher overall business success. It is through this knowledge and expertise that Sarah created the ‘Power of Love & Leadership’ model which has proved immensely valuable to both myself as a business owner and to my team members alike. The models outlook on positive leadership, fear and locus of control encourages individuals to reflect on the forces driving them forward or holding them back. Sarah’s ‘7 Love Strategies’ is something our team will be utilising going forward, delving into each strategy particularly compassion, gratitude and learning, which are guaranteed to promote individual self-development and overall team cohesion”.

Eileen Richards MBE


Eileen Richards Recruitment

“Sarah Higgins is insightful, supportive and promotes an aspirational approach which is underpinned by the Power of Love Leadership model.”

Chris Reid

Head of Finance

Hinckley and Rugby Building Society

The way you explained and taught fear and empathy to the management team was outstanding. The Power of Love Leadership model made sense to everyone, with a very fast and important result.

Karl Hubbard

Construction and Operations Director


“Power of Love Leadership is a great model for identifying fear-based behaviours, which can have an adverse effect on business. Together through coaching, we worked on understanding and removing these fears.”

Leanne Bonner Cooker, MBE

Managing Director


“The Power of Love Leadership model has helped me to understand my emotions, make decisions and approach difficult situations with confidence and clarity.”

Samantha Johnson

Former Head of Leadership Consulting

Harvey Nash