What a joke that was; to think that at 30 I could retire… I did not know then just how much the markets had captured my heart and soul. We went through thick and thin in our personal lives and trading, and remain buddies. Those were great years… the exuberance of youth… trading with no fear… and not much sense either! Michelle Noseworthy was my secretary, the best employee I ever had.

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On a daily chart that is 14 days, on an hourly chart 14 hours and so on and so forth. The failure to move back into overbought or oversold territory signals a change in momentum that can foreshadow a significant price move. The ability to consistently move above -20 is a show of strength. After all, it takes buying pressure to push %R into overbought territory. Once a security shows strength by pushing into overbought territory more than once, a subsequent failure to exceed this level shows weakening momentum that can foreshadow a decline.

Williams Percent Range Strategy: Oversold and Overbought

This is a genuine question that has been bugging me about system trading. I have seen other back tested systems that show the results as entering at the open or the close of the next day after the signal which degrades the profitability of said system. The Williams %R trading strategies are pretty similar to the WilliamsVixFix. However, it seems like the Williams %R performs slightly better in our backtests. Moreover, on a wide range of backtests, Williams %R seems to perform better than both the RSI and Stochastics in the strategies we tested.


Crossing the oversold boundary from below, Williams Percent Range signals a possible buy opportunity. If the indicator drops below -80, the asset may be oversold. Unless there has been a wild, speculative blow-off in the bull market, you should try to position every time the index falls below 95%. This procedure assures that you are buying on extreme weakness at a time Yang is about to overtake Yin. In terms of percentages, the close at 58 represents a figure that is 70% of the total range. Go short when %R falls below -50 from the overbought level.

El indicador Williams R – Conclusión

Yet, overbought/oversold levels don’t tell you when to expect the reversal. Suchlike signals can be used to confirm readings, received from other indicators. Beware of false and late signals, however, as they are quite common when trading with a single indicator and no confirmations.

In the example above, the “Purple” line tracks the values of the Williams %R, while the “Red” line represents a smoothed moving average, added for trade signal confirmation. Williams Percent Range values above “-20” and below “-80” are worthy of attention, as noted by the “Green” circles. As with any oscillator, one should wait until actual pricing behaviour confirms the reversal.

Williams %R Indicator… The History Behind It

The indicator is telling a trader where the current price is relative to the highest high over the last 14 periods . The %R indicator is arithmetically exactly equivalent to the %K stochastic oscillator, mirrored at the 0%-line, when using the same time interval. We research technical analysis patterns so you know exactly what works well for your favorite markets. Just like with other indicators, The Williams %R is not perfect and traders should not use it as the only indicator for making decision. Nonetheless there is higher ratio of positive and tremendously great trading profit when used rightly alongside with other indicators. It is in respect that the Williams %R is more popular among traders.

If the candles of the graph go down to this specific pip then the price is going down and if the candles are above the pip then the price is moving upward. The indicator is located at the bottom of the chart with its “0 to -100” scale depicted on the right. Take a look at the chart and notice that there are red and blue arrows. The first arrow, the red one, shows when the indicator went up into the overbought condition as the market approached the 50 EMA. Adding this indicator to your charts in Metatrader is quite simple.

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Developed by Larry Williams, Williams %R is a momentum indicator that is the inverse of the Fast Stochastic Oscillator. Also referred to as %R, Williams %R reflects the level of the close relative to the highest high for the look-back period. In contrast, the Stochastic Oscillator reflects the level of the close relative to the lowest low.

Dynamic momentum index is technical indicator that determines if a security is overbought or oversold and can be used to generate trading signals. Also, the indicator can be extremely responsive, which means it leads to numerous wrong signals. For instance, the indicator may be in the oversold region and start rising, but the price failing to do the same. This is as a result of the indicator only observing the last 14 days or periods.

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These https://day-trading.info/ are a signal that the current trend may be exhausting itself. In addition, investors use both of these momentum metrics to pinpoint potential reversals by analyzing divergence between momentum readings and price action. The Williams percent R indicator or %R for short is a technical indicator that oscillates between the value 0 and -100. Like other momentum indicators, it has its flaws, as it can remain extremely overbought during an uptrend and vice-versa . However, as we showed here, you should not use the Williams %R to blindly take a position in the market based on its overbought and oversold readings.

Technical Analysis

When day trading, you need to eradicate all the uncertainty around your decision-making process. This is why we have developed the Williams percent range strategy, a rule-based system that will allow you to trade from a place of personal power. The Williams %R indicator represents the level of the closing price to the highest price for “x” number of periods. By contrast, the Fast Stochastic Oscillator represents the level of the closing price to the lowest price for “x” periods. This scan searches for stocks that are trading below their 200-day moving average to define a long-term downtrend. An oversold bounce is identified when %R moves above -20 and a subsequent downturn occurs when %R moves below -50.

The information provided by StockCharts.com, Inc. is not investment advice. Martin Pring’s Technical Analysis Explained illustrates the basics of momentum indicators by covering divergences, crossovers, and other signals. There are two more chapters covering specific momentum indicators, each containing plenty of examples. In trading, momentum is just as important as the direction of the trend.

https://forexhistory.info/ 3 shows Arch Coal with 14-day Williams %R hitting overbought and oversold levels on a regular basis. The red dotted lines mark a move below -50 that occurs after an overbought reading. The green dotted lines mark a move above -50 that occurs after an oversold reading. As noted above, overbought is not necessarily bearish and oversold is not necessarily bullish. Top and bottom pickers can act when overbought or oversold, but it is often prudent to wait for a confirmation move.

How to withdraw the money you earned with FBS?

Go to “Insert” – “Indicators” – “Oscillators” – and you will see the Williams’ Percent Range. If the price falls to a new low, but the indicator does not, that may be a sign of the downtrend weakness. Trading ranges mean prices are locked into supply on the topside and demand, underneath. Usually, supply comes in with a high Percent R reading and demand returns when Percent R falls back to the low buy area. During such situations you buy when the Percent R hits 90% or lower. You will find an amazing degree of correlation between trading range tops and Percent R peaks.


Since Williams %R lines are similar to the Fast Stochastic Oscillator, you can simply use the Stochastic Oscillator. But, remember that the intended trading strategy of the Williams %R is completely different compared to the Stochastic Oscillator. As you can see in the above chart, once you are in the position, you can then ride the stock until the stochastics breaks -30 on the way down.

Metahttps://forexanalytics.info/r 4 comes bundled with a solid selection of trading indicators, including a large number of oscillators. Among these is the Williams %R. As you can see from the image below, it is the last-listed indicator in the ‘Oscillators’ folder within MT4’s ‘Navigator’. Of course, the difference could be entirely due to chance and randomness. However, we suggest traders should test their RSI strategies and see if they can improve them by using Williams %R. It’s an oscillating indicator and reflects the current close relative to the highest high for the lookback period. Nevertheless, with a competent analysis, for example, when working on a trend on rollbacks, WPR well shows turning points.

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