Discover the Power of Love
and let it show you
a more successful way to lead.
Embrace the love-based strategies
to deliver increased engagement,
creativity and performance
This addresses issues that many leaders find difficult and it makes them easier to fix. It will make all leaders better at what they do.
Andrew Payton – Finance Director


Continually adapting to change and still exceeding business goals is a consistent leadership challenge. Uncertainty and doubt, fear and frustration, anger and resentment, pressure and stress all stand in the way of getting the results you want.

Power of Love Leadership is a way of thinking. It is a model of Leadership that will help us to be more effective in leading ourselves, in leading others and in leading our lives. Power of love Leadership will help us to identify the things that are getting in the way of our ultimate success and happiness, and to adapt a specific way of thinking and behaving that will enable us to over come those things. The results are truly amazing, and if you follow the model, and persevere with the strategies, you will be astounded by the changes you will see and feel.


Become accredited to use Power of Love Leadership (POLL) within your organisation. Learn how to use POLL within your team and organisation.


Understand how fear decreases productivity, creativity and motivation and impacts your results. Learn how to use the 7 love-based strategies for leaders to achieve your vision and goals.


Use POLL to understand the barriers that are getting in the way of what you want to achieve, then use 7 POLL strategies to increase trust, communication, collaboration and team alignment to results


Become accredited to use POLL with your clients. Learn how to use POLL to enhance your business service and value.


Uncover and understand the barriers to your success, happiness and life. Learn how to use the POLL to feel more condent and successful everyday.


Use the Power of Love Leadership® to break down the barriers of fear.

In this inspiring and practical guide, leadership expert Sarah Higgins will coach you in seven revolutionary strategies that will enable you to break through the fearbased barriers that hold you and your team back, so you can lead from the heart and build resilience in your team.

  • Align everyone in your team to the vision so they feel valued and know the vital contribution they make.

  • Accept vulnerability and celebrate success so everyone supports each other to reach the team’s goals.

  • Promote and lead with empathy, compassion and courage so your team feels trusted, motivated and empowered.

  • Embed an inclusive culture where teams embrace challenges, seek feedback, value change and become resilient and creative through continuous learning.

Discover the Power of Love Leadership® and let it show you a more successful way to lead. Embrace the lovebased strategies to deliver increased engagement, creativity and performance.

In a world of fear, uncertainty, increasing pressure and diminishing resources, now is the right time to maximise your success, by putting love at the heart of your business.



Work with Sarah Higgins, creator and author of Power of Love Leadership® on a 121 basis. Clarify your strengths and weakness and learn how to harness and develop them. Explore how fear impacts your leadership and how you can use Power of Love Leadership® to create more effective and successful results as part of your leadership and personal development, with meaningful insight and practical tools and approaches that you can start to practice straight away.

HR & Leadership Consultancy

Work with Sarah Higgins, creator and author of Power of Love Leadership® to tailor how Power of Love Leadership® can be used within your organisation and HR team. Explore how fear is impacting your team and organisational success and use Power of Love Leadership® to deliver your organisational goals, lead effective change, increase employee engagement, drive people development, build creativity, enhance leadership and team development and improve performance.


Work with Sarah Higgins, creator and author of Power of Love Leadership® to facilitate, coach, train or speak to your team on how fear impacts our success and how to use Power of Love Leadership® to enable your team to achieve their goals. Understand the challenges you are facing as a team and discover how you can all use the Power of Love Leadership® strategies. Discover how to build team effectiveness, team productivity, creativity and team results, including executive and leadership teams.

Independent Coaches, Consultants and Trainers

Work with Sarah Higgins, creator and author of Power of Love Leadership® to learn how you can incorporate Power of Love Leadership® into your services to achieve even greater results. Become an Accredited Power of Love Leadership® Practitioner, and join a community of like-minded practitioners. The accreditation program will also enable you to benefit from Sarah Higgins’ expertise and coaching so you can understand how fear limits your potential and use Power of Love Leadership® to achieve your personal and business goals.

Get in touch with Sarah NOW, to find out more about Power of Love Leadership® and how you can use it to achieve your goals.


“Sarah’s coaching has been very valuable to me and in conjunction with the Power of Love Leadership model, I am more confident in my role as a result, knowing that there’s no such thing as failure, it’s just another result. This has given me the confidence to suggest new ideas without fear of worry or frustration if the initiative does not proceed.”

Carolyn Thornley Yates

Head of Business Development

Hinckley and Rugby Building Society

“I found the Power of Love Leadership Model extremely useful in overcoming challenges in the workplace. By understanding the route of the issue through the 7 love strategies of this model, overtime I was able to make the right choices which have had a positive impact for me.”

Aarti Raj


Pick Everard

“Throughout my coaching journey we have been using Sarah’s Power of Love leadership model for each situation we have discussed.  I have found this very useful in terms of evaluating my approach or thoughts on each matter and also those of others I am working
with and now use this model on a daily basis.”

Rachel Cheetham:

Director, Contaminated Land

BWB Consulting


After eight years as a board-level Human Resources Director and previously working within large corporations, including Astra Zeneca, Boots and the
Royal Bank of Scotland, Sarah Higgins is now using her 25 years’ experience, alongside her expertise in the practical psychology of behaviour at work, to help leaders at all levels navigate change, increase creativity, take employee engagement to new levels and build performance and productivity.

Sarah created the Power of Love Leadership® model to help leaders understand how fear-based emotions limit our potential and how leading with more compassion and humility enables us to build resilience, greater success and sustainable results.


Your Personal Development Coach

Sarah Higgins will maximise your performance and profit with bespoke 121 Corporate/Executive Coaching and Leadership Team development.

By supporting you to grow both your own and/or your team’s effectiveness, Sarah will show you how to maximise your ability to meet business objectives and in doing so, increase your success, performance and profit.